Mokoatsi Community Development Services provides specialist professional services in the following area:      

Programme and Project Facilitation Services


Development & Implementation Services

The company has individuals and teams that are experienced and have skills that ensure, The development of sound community awareness campaigns...more


The company prides itself for having individuals that are specialists in, Undertaking survey work to determine project footprints and to determine demographic studies...more

Skills Transfer Programmes

The company employs highly skilled human resource development specialists who have the capacity toPlan and implement needs and expectation assessments...more


Project Management Services

A core team of senior managers within the company have specialized skills in Project financial modeling...more

Services specific to housing projects

  • Project Management:  the provision of project management services in the packaging of housing projects (i.e. from the pre-planning phase to P1 through to P5 etc.)
  • Social Facilitation:  the provision of facilitation services, including setting up of community based partners, project housing committees, drafting of the constitutions, drafting of social compacts, undertaking socio-economic studies etc.
  • Beneficiary Subsidy Administration:  Planning and implantation of beneficiary subsidy administration processes, procedures & strategies, i.e. from receipt of beneficiary data through to approval of subsidy applications by DoHS.