Our Services

Anos Construction is involved in General Building and Maintenance Works, Community Housing Development and Community Sanitation.

General Building and Maintenance Works

Ano’s Construction has considerable experience in the construction of high-rise buildings, as well as residential complexes/clusters. Shown on both pages are examples of a project that Ano’s Construction has completed on behalf of the Handswood Property Trust:


Community Housing Developments
In an effort to house the homeless and the shack-dwellers, Ano's Construction is very much involved in the construction of low to high income housing developments.


Community Sanitation
Ano's Construction has been involved throughout KwaZulu Natal in pioneering the construction of Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) Latrines.


Civil Construction

The company has recently built up its civil construction arm with particular interest in water reticulation systems and hand-pump installations. Shown below are typical examples of some of these endeavours:

Reticulated Water Systems
Ano's Construction has just completed a R14 million community water supply reticulation scheme in the area of Ntabamhlophe in a joint venture with Wilson Bailey Holmes Ovcon (WBHO). The scheme involved the construction of 2x 100kl water holding tanks/ reservoirs.


Ano's Construction is also involved in the hand pumps supply.



Structural Construction

Ano's Construction is looking for an opportunity to utilize the skills that are available in-house to construct industrial structures.In recent times Ano's Construction has joined hands with JedCon Construction Maintenance cc (JedCon) on joint ventures working for clients such as Handswood Property Trust and ABSA Insurance Company.