About Us

About us

Inkonjane Developments (Pty) Ltd. was formally established as a company in May 2004 with the primary objectives of offering Implementing Agent services to Local Municipalities seeking assistance in the development of housing schemes, in terms of the various housing codes.

Inkonjane Developments is certainly at the forefront of companies that can offer the necessary expertise and services to manage the processes required to achieve project milestones within the shortest timeframe possible.  The preparation of feasibility studies and project business plans is definitely an area of expertise with which our teams is well familiar.


Furthermore, it is part of the company’s objectives to ensure that its projects are completed in accordance with the timeframe agreed at the onset, within budget, and where implementation is part of the project, to ensure that National Building Regulations and acceptable standards are achieved at all times.

Inkonjane Developments is currently involved in the construction of 300 housing units which form part of the Nzinga Rural Housing project in the Impendle Local Municipality.  This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of April 2013.

Whilst Inkonjane is itself a big organization, often the work load in its books is so big that it also requires assistance to boost its capacity to deliver.